Upgrade Your Service Panel Without Lifting a Finger

Upgrade Your Service Panel Without Lifting a Finger

Ask about our panel change-out services in Nashville, Lebanon, Mt. Juliet & Hendersonville, TN/div>

Your service panel is responsible for routing electricity from your provider to every area of your home or business. The more advanced your panel, the more electricity that reaches your appliances and fixtures. Electrical Works LLC can help you increase the electricity output at your home or business. We provide panel change-out services in Nashville, Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, Hendersonville, TN and the surrounding area. You can trust us to perform a full electric panel upgrade in record time.

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3 good reasons to upgrade your service panel

Not sure you really need a new service panel? You should consider scheduling a panel change-out if:

  1. You live in an older house that uses an unsafe electrical panel design.
  2. Your circuit breakers trip frequently or your lights keep flickering.
  3. You recently upgraded your household appliances.


Ready to get started? We'll send an experienced electrician to your home or business in Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, Hartsville, Hendersonville, TN and the surrounding areas for an electric panel upgrade at your convenience.